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About Discovery Daycare

Discovery Daycare facility has been operational since the 1989, and Josefina Lauzon, the current owner/operator of the facility, joined in 1999. She is well established in the community and has a good rapport with families and community members. At our centre, we believe in a team approach to maintaining consistency, as it is important in helping a child feel secure, safe, and nurtured. Having an open door policy helps encourage parents and guardians to maintain positive communication to help children reach these goals. Many families have been with us for many years, and they, in turn, have recommended us to other families. We are grateful for those families who placed their trust in us, and we’ll strive to live up to their expectations.

If you have any queries regarding our childcare services or facility, feel free to contact us. We promptly return your calls and emails. And we have an open-door policy, so visit us at your convenience.

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